Residential Transitional Rehabilitation Program

Delivering safe, clean, specifically-tailored housing in our apartment community supported by brain injury specialists 24 hours a day. 

What to expect:
• Providing an environment that encourages full participation in life

• Fostering engagement in social connections, volunteering, community events, and recreation

• Creating structure and routine to keep residents active and on track

• Facilitating meal planning, budgeting, medical supports, and wellness 


Excellent walkability to nearby restaurants, stores and parks & several nearby public transportation options!




Graduate Testimonial

"I took advantage of every opportunity to participate in my life. Because everyone on the team knows my goals, I was able to get where I am today."

- 28 year old male 

Current Resident Testimonial

"Living here gave me the opportunity to find my voice and my life so I can have a relationship with my kids."

- 38 year old male 

Graduate Testimonial

"I was emotionally broken and medically complex, surviving each day was my only goal. I was led to BRN where I found hope and love that supported me in getting back to work and living independently." 

- 52 year old female

Current Resident Testimonial

"I have all of my independence and all of the support I need to live my best life."

- 40 year old male 

Graduate Testimonial

"They told me I would never be able to do anything for myself. With the guidance and support of BRN I'm back to work, making music and thriving in life."

- 23 year old female