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Our Philosophy

We Create Community supporting, collaborating, and sharing knowledge and resources to provide the best care and rehab to people living with brain injury.

We Foster Hope in an environment filled with inspiration and support that empowers people living with brain injury to embrace a new future.

We Demonstrate Love through genuine commitment and unparalleled perseverance in support of people affected by brain injury. 


Compassionate, Talented and Committed to the Cause

Our mission is to provide the best available care and rehabilitation! 

Our vision is to eliminate isolation, hopelessness, and loss after brain injury
by promoting meaningful, purposeful, and enjoyable living.

Core Beliefs

At BRN...

We Believe… in people helping people because everyone has thoughts, feelings, goals, dreams and we respect people for who they are as an individual. We understand the persons’ ability to communicate, or think has been impacted but this does not take away from who they are as a person or what they can achieve.

We Believe… in developing trusting relationships, providing inspiration and co-developing programs that focus on building on strengths and support people experiencing a full life.

We Believe… in providing the best care while remaining active in professional organizations and developing strategic partnerships to maintain and enhance services.

We Believe… that if you’re the kind of person who believes in helping individuals succeed then BRN is the partner you are looking for!

If you share these beliefs, start your recovery and download the referral form today.

What makes our TBI programs outstanding?

First is communication. The communications with patients, attending / referring physicians, insurers, NCM’s, adjusters is clear and keeps the plan of care moving. Remember that we are one multidisciplinary team on-mission to better manage complex brain injury claims so communication is essential to our shared success in the delivery efficient and cost-effective treatments for complex conditions. Our good communications include documentation and verbal updates, I am accessible and so is my team.

Second, we value relationships and that means we develop great partnerships. Decades of experience has taught us that patients (and families), physicians and insurers want more than just the transaction of a therapy session. We are people caring for people, so this means with good communication we create better systems of care so people recovering from an injury to their brains can (and do) recover to the greatest extent possible. The old adage “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” we have come along way together and we are continuing to go forward.

The opportunity to partner with you to deliver the most Efficient and Cost-Effective treatment is the best standard of care a person can receive! 

Experience Better Rehab for Your Brain

People who sustain brain injury (and the physicians / care teams) often experience frustration and disappointment over insufficient information, lack of coordinated care, limited progress, and uncertainty about the future.

For over 30 years we have delivered expert, coordinated, and collaborative brain injury rehab to drive progress and build hope.

We are value-driven! O
ur dynamic approach allows us to make the right therapeutic adjustments at the right time to manage quality and cost of care. This is what makes BRN the best value for you and your recovery!

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