Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

Located just South of Downtown Portland

Residential Transitional Rehabilitation Program

Located in the Central East Side of Portland

Home and Community Support Program

Located where people live, work, and play

Since 1989 Brain Rehab Network (BRN formerly known as Kampfe Management Services) has provided world-class residential care and brain injury rehab (concussion / mTBI, stroke, moderate / severe TBI, anoxia, ABI) services to thousands of people from all over the country.

Making brain injury (concussion / mTBIstrokemoderate / severe TBIanoxiaABI) rehabilitation efficient and effective means that our programs are designed specifically for each person's goals, safety and success! 

BRN is easy to access and centrally located, each location provides brain rehab programs and supports that help people relearn vital life skills in real-world settings.

For more information on brain injury please click in this link:

Demographics of Brain Injury Rehab Programs

72% of Patients are Injured Workers

48% of Patients are out-of-state(thank you to the families for traveling!)

21% ages 18-33

31% ages 34-49

38% ages 50-65

10% ages 66+

100% of Patients discharged to the community

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