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Well, technically we are a team of medical, rehabilitation and care experts who got together to create the best full continuum of post-acute (community-based) brain injury rehabilitation program and services in the country… but you can read more about our awesomeness other places on the website.

What really matters is why we exist. We exist because we wanted to create a program with one simple goal - to provide the best available care and rehabilitation for survivors of brain injury. To do that, we had to hire the best people, create the most excellent brain rehab programs (outpatient, residential, home/community), offer a superior person-centered experience and do everything we can to produce the highest quality results (the healthcare jargon is outcomes). 

We feel strongly about offering people more than just great therapy and amazing person-centered rehab/care--we seek to educate, engage and inspire the hearts and minds of each person affected by brain injury. We want to help each person achieve the highest levels of independence, to learn (or re-learn) best practices for managing cognitive, behavioral/emotional, physical and perceptual challenges that people recovering from brain injury will experience.

Navigating life after brain injury (concussion, mTBI, stroke, anoxia, TBI, ABI) and supporting each person to experience a life full of meaning and joy is our endless pursuit.

BRN is designed to deliver you insights from successful clinicians, physicians, psychologists and direct care experts along with tips to help you get the most out of your recovery.

Leadership Team

Andrew Ellis, PhD

Chief of Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation Psychologist 

Amanda Hiller, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist & Outpatient Program Manager

Bekkah Liss

Director of Finance and Budgeting

Matthew Kampfe, MBA


Kristina Cruz

Director of Marketing and Communications

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