Post-Concussion Bootcamp

The Problem: you are not getting better after your Concussion.

Most adults who sustain a concussion have symptoms that subside within 10-14 days.

If your symptoms persist beyond the expected recovery time frame, then research says the multidisciplinary rehabilitation, what we do at BRN, is needed to help you get better. 

The Solution: BRN Post-Concussion Bootcamp

BRN Post-Concussion Bootcamp will: 

1- Educate you (and family) about current protocols, so that you experience results and get back to living your life.

2- Engage in productive and solution oriented rehabilitation with a team of experts (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology and rehab medicine)

3- Inspire you to move forward, there is hope for a better tomorrow, lets go get it! 

Don't get stuck, get better so you can get back to life! A 2018 study estimated that between 11.4% and 38.7% of people with concussions will develop post-concussion syndrome. 

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Untangle your Post-Concussion Symptoms (PCS) and get better. 

Persistent Concussion Symptoms or Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS) fall into four categories:

Headache or the feeling of "pressure" in the head is a common symptom
Neck pain
Sensitivity to Light and/or Sound
Ringing in the Ears
Balance problems, dizziness
Fatigue "Fuzzy", double, or blurry vision, trouble with reading
Rarely, decreases in taste and smell
Reduced tolerance to stress, emotional excitement, or alcohol

Difficulty with memory, or remembering new information
Difficulty with attention
Difficulty with thinking clearly
Difficulty with focus or concentrating
Confusion or mentally slowed down

Sleeping more than usual (common just after a concussion)
Sleeping less than usual, or trouble falling asleep (typically when more time has elapsed since the concussion)
Sleep disturbance (sleep cycle is interrupted)

Mood / Behavioral:
Irritability that didn't exist before the concussion
Sadness or depression that didn't exist before the concussion
Anxiety or nervousness that didn't exist before the concussion
More emotional
Apathy that didn't exist before the concussion
**these mood/behavioral symptoms could be pre-existing and made worse/altered by the concussion

You are searching for solutions to your problem(s) that were caused by a Concussion... This is right where you need to be!

You can take control, get better after a concussion.

We are so glad that you are considering BRN for this phase of your rehabilitation.

Our Post-Concussion Bootcamp is specifically designed for you! We understand what you are going through, and we are here to help you get back to life.

The BRN Post-Concussion Bootcamp is designed to move you forward to full recovery. As you work with your care team, you will have the most up-to-date program curriculum to:
1. Education about concussions and concussion recovery.
2. Tools to better manage your symptoms.
3. Experience in improving your physical, cognitive, and mental health to positively impact your recovery.
4. Support as you return to all aspects of your life including work or school, family and community, and recreation.
5. Empowerment so that you can feel more in control of your recovery.

You are not alone. Concussions impact each person differently. While people commonly recover from a concussion in weeks to months with no lingering symptoms, recovery is possible even when symptoms last longer.

We are all unique beings whose many thoughts, habits, emotions, and actions impact our lives each day. Let BRN help you take control of your recovery, eliminate isolation, and experience fullness of life.


Concussion Rehab

Are you ready to get better from your concussion?

If so, here are some things you can do now to best prepare for the BRN Post-Concussion Bootcamp.

1. Surround yourself with positive supports
2. Avoid additional injury
3. Don’t give up... A wise graduate of the BRN post-concussive bootcamp once said:

“No matter where you are in your recovery, never give up. Keep going. Tiny step by tiny step, two steps back, one step forward. The brain and the nervous system are too plastic to ever give up.”

Post-Concussion Bootcamp Info Sheet

Get better after your concussion 

Are you at-risk of experiencing a delayed recovery:

- History of previous concussion(s) severe impact double impact (hit twice in a short timeframe)
- Symptoms lasted longer than one week (previous concussion)
- History of mood, anxiety, learning challenges
- History of migraines

If you are experiencing PCS then it is unlikely you are just going to wake up one day "be all better".  Time is of the essence, take steps to help yourself get better. 

Maximize your recovery, partner with BRN.

Mayo Clinic
Concussion Alliance
Concussion Foundation

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Our team works with your insurance to make it convenient and simple!

At Brain Rehab Network, we believe that access to care and rehab should be as convenient as possible, and our commitment to working with all insurance companies reflects this.

BRN is an in-network provider for many health plans in Oregon and SW Washington. We also work with clients and insurers throughout the Western United States. No matter where you are from, we will do our best to ensure that you have the opportunity to maximize your recovery.

Here is a short list of local insurers that routinely cover our programs:
- Providence Health Plans (Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare)
- Kaiser Health Plans (Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare)
- Regence / BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon
-Premera Blue Cross
- Workers’ Compensation (e.g., SAIF, WA Labor & Industries)
- Self-Insured plans

If you don’t see your plan listed above, please give us a call to review your individual coverage and options.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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