Are there openings at Brain Rehab Network?

Yes, because we help transition (or as we call it “graduate”) people to greater independence regularly, we typically have space available in all three of our programs (OutpatientResidentialHome & Community) or on the waiting list. If you are interested in learning more about BRN, please visit the CONTACT US page and send us a message. See the admission process below - we look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Hours of Operation 

• Our Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program is open Monday-Friday 7:30am-4pm

• Our Residential / Transitional Rehabilitation Program has trained professionals onsite 24 hours with leadership available around the clock

• Our Home and Community Support Program is available 7 days per week and scheduled according to individual need 

Per state and local COVID-19 guidelines, we have strict visitation policies to protect the health and wellbeing of all. Please contact us to learn more. 

Where will I stay?

Options include:

• Safe and accessible apartments within our Residential / Transitional Rehabilitation Program close to stores and restaurants.  Single and double occupancy apartments are available where each person has their own room and amenities.

• Well-appointed extended-stay hotel suites a short drive from our Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program and walking distance to stores and restaurants.

• If you live within driving distance and want to stay at home, this option may be available.

Let us help identify the right lodging option to fit your needs!

How do I get into the program?

Brain Rehab Network is committed to developing programs that support the continuum of recovery. The steps in the process are:

. Obtaining a referral from your physician. Once received, our team will review your medical history, brain injury diagnosis, and other relevant information. Comorbid conditions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you're a referring provider click here to print and complete a referral form

.  Once we have a referral, our Admissions Team will support you through the process of identifying your financial resources. Medicare guidelines don't include post-acute neurorehabilitation services. Some state Medicaid programs may allow for limited funding, contact your Medicaid specialist or caseworker.

Please send us a message through the CONTACT US page so we can get back to you!

What problems do you help people with?

No two brain injuries or two people are alike and we customize support plans to meet each person's needs. The symptoms and barriers each person experiences will vary however there are some common challenges survivors face. Below is a general list of those challenges:

Changes in thinking skills:
Memory, communication, problem-solving,  making decisions, attention, concentration, judgment, and organization

Changes in physical abilities:

Balance, fine and gross coordination, ability to walk, sensations (vision, touch, etc), and the like 

Changes in emotion and behavior:
Anger, irritability, mood swings, lack of motivation, impulsivity, and poor judgment to name a few

Changes in medical care needs:
We support the complex medical needs of each person and help to develop plans addressing medication management, scheduling appointments, transportation to appointments, and health-promoting activities 

Are rehabilitation plans customized?

Yes, because no two brain injuries are alike and the course of rehabilitation is different for each person we customize rehabilitation plans. Timelines for recovery vary individually and we understand the return to home and work is an important part of the rehabilitation and healing process for the survivor (person) and family. Individuals progress through rehabilitation at the client's own pace assisted by unique rehabilitation programs implemented by staff. We want to grow and build toward a successful transition where people experience the highest degree of independence and quality of life.
Click here to learn more about our programs  

Rehabilitation may extend for years beyond a person’s initial injury and changes may occur throughout a person’s lifetime but we are here to support the clients all along the way. 

Additional Resources

The Brain Injury Association of America
Brain Injury Resource Center
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

How will I get to the places I need to go?

We provide transportation to program locations and other scheduled appointments/activities.

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