Are You Getting Better After Concussion / mTBI, Stroke, Moderate / Severe TBI? 

After a brain injury people often stuck waiting at home hoping to get better or stuck in the cocoon of symptoms they are experiencing.  These unfortunate delays slow your recovery and, in some instances, take you to a dark place of isolation. Gain momentum in your recovery and get your life back!

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Regain Your Life After Brain Injury!

We Build Community. Finding yourself and your community post-injury can be hard. At BRN we are committed to supporting, collaborating, and sharing knowledge / resources to foster relationships and create community. Additionally, good communication keeps us all moving in the right direction. We are mission-driven to provide the best rehab and care to people living with an injury to their brain.

We Foster Hope.  Its ok not to be ok, together we will take it one day at a time and create a recovery plan that helps get you back to life. Our environment is filled with inspiration and support where each person is empowered to take an active role creating their future.

We Demonstrate Love. Our genuine commitment and unparalleled perseverance in support of people affected by brain injury, this how we demonstrate love each day.

Being a part of a community that understands you and the injury to your brain (and body) is essential. You're invited to experience BRN and the hopeful environment where people are genuinely committed you and your recovery.

At BRN we want each person to take their recovery to new heights! Heal, grow and thrive with BRN. 

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Create Momentum After Brain Injury

People need to know we maintain a culture of continuous improvement. Because we collaborate with patients to create life recovery plans, this means we identify what is going well with the plan of care and what needs to be adjusted within the plan for improvement. This process leads to an efficient and effective brain rehab plan that helps you get back to life. We collaborate with each person to ensure that everyone receives the best available rehab and care.


Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation

Residential Transitional Rehabilitation Program

Home and Community Support Program